Will the expansion of tantra schools destroy the escort industry across the globe?

I don’t know if you know this already that the female wrestlers have a far greater libido than an average woman. That’s why you will always find the female wrestlers cheating on their husbands all the time and most of them marry more than once. Take Luna Vachon of WWE and Madusa of WCW for example.

I believe that the 5G technology would increase the libido of the women and reduce that of the men. I also believe that it is going to have the same effect on the people belonging to the LGBT community. Hence, the role of the female viagra is going to decline a lot while that of the male viagra is going to increase a lot.

I have many girlfriends working at the factories and all of them have lost their libidos over time. So, if you are a highly sexual man, don’t get into a relationship with a woman who works in a factory and if you are already in a relationship with one and you love her a lot, then tell her to leave her job.

There is no denying that the tantra schools across the USA are sex schools in disguise. I believe that there will be full-fledged sex schools, which won’t have to distort anything and the first ever such school to come into existence will be opened up in Berlin, Illinois, as per my sixth sense. Hence, they won’t have to go much as sex tourists to exotic places and hire those Goa female model escorts.

I believe that the straight men and straight women cannot be friends, but they can always be great fuckbuddies.

Debate Champion Wife is a Stunning Beauty but she cannot stop arguing with her husband even when she sucks his dick and that’s what leads the husband to visit those Delhi escort girls much too often

One of my great friends married a debate champion. She cannot even stop arguing each time they have sex, including while she is sucking his dick or eating his ass. She has the fucking and sucking skills of the good old Lisa Ann though, my friend always says that if there is an All-American fucking competition ever, his wife will certainly win at least a bronze medal. He still cheats regularly on her with Delhi escort girls though.

He always says that the best view for him is when his big booty wife climbs the stairs butt naked. He adds that no pornstar, escort or stripper can replace the unique charm of his wife’s buttocks.

Another part of his wife’s body that he is extremely over-obsessed with are her knees. Yes, she definitely has beautiful ones, but it is really weird when he prefers to kiss her beautiful knees more than her luscious lips.

He learnt Hindi in order to understand the ancient and prehistoric Hindu scriptures better. He believes that the real secret and truth to kill the refractory period and tantric seex is hidden behind those prehistoric and ancient Hindu scriptures.

He believes that the Indian women wear tons of gold in order to attract the Indian men and any Indian or Non-Indian who tells you otherwise is clearly lying or misinformed or is dumb, he arrogantly says.

He also claims that the ancient Indians would melt gold, silver, bronze and would eat a bit of it mixed with their food as they believed that it increased their sex drives. To this day, the richest of the Indians (including the Ambanis) do it and the lower and the middle income Indian groups eat fake gold, silver and bronze Chyawanprash and other ancient Indian recipes.

Nudists would be allowed to teach butt naked in the Western World by 2035

Two four letter words, namely, thot and yogi, have no fixed definition. I believe it and so do million others, and those who try to put a definition on these two, even if that includes you the reader, are out of their minds.

I believe that the nudist teachers would be allowed to walk and teach butt naked in the schools by the financial year 2035 in the Western World and the rest of the world by 2065. I may sound like David Icke while making such a statement but wait till it becomes a reality.

I know several athletes and pornstars in the real life and what I have noticed is that the athletes might work their asses off in the day but they can never party as hard as an average pornstar in the night. Those pornstars really live the best lives that one can imagine. Those who retire early from this fantastic industry called the porn industry need mental and/or psychological treatment.

I have done an extensive research on India and Hinduism and what I have concluded is that the Hindus bowing their heads in the temples has its roots in their prehistoric ancestors bowing down to the living devis (20+ year old virgins), who used to be butt naked all the time. The temple visitors would sniff their pussies and would then swipe a coin around their pussies just like you would swipe a credit card in the modern day.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Indian escorts in Delhi, the capital of India, are still the best when it comes to the sexual cooperation. Nothing else comes close.

Pizza Delivery Boy turned Pizza Restaurant owner cheats on his wife regularly with escorts but still believes that his wife’s piss is a nectar

I cannot recall a single BBW pornstar from the 1970s or the 1980s, but they are definitely the hottest sensations in the current times in the porn industry, which only goes to show that both the women and the men would compromise so much on their sexual preferences owing to the social pressure, which is definitely one of the worst things that could happen to a human being.

Anyways, I would like to dedicate this post to Mr Carson Fenneman, who started out as a Pizza Delivery Boy but now owns 2 Pizza Restaurants in Downtown areas of two different major US cities. He says that his aim is to beat his hero – Tom Monoghan’s company – Domino’s, in terms of delivery time. His restaurants have already gained great reputation for delivering superfast. He says that he always wonders why so many great successes start off in a Volkswagen including his own.

Mr Carson Fenneman is not happy with the sales of the Volkswagen cars in India though. He travels to India all the time and never misses an opportunity to enjoy those model escorts in New Delhi, which are very rare, although the city has a population of over 2 billion now.

Mr Carson Fenneman’s wife used to work at a coffee shop when they met and she still works there; His growing income and wealth hasn’t affected her at all.

Mr Carson Fenneman says that he never forgets to use hand sanitizer before fingering the pussy of his beloved wife. He also loves to drink her piss mixed with Scotch whiskey. He also freezes her piss in the refrigerator many times and mixes it with Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Whiskey, Beer, you name it. He says that he is blessed to have discovered such nectar and this nectar is the reason why no disease has been able to touch him in years and why he is so financially successful and going.

Amazon Affiliate used to fuck his maternal aunt all the time now he fucks those Delhi Outcall escorts every time he visits India

There is this gentleman who started his career with providing data entry services on Fiverr. Today, he is one of the greatest Amazon affiliates of all times. He says that he wasted a lot of his time selling on the Facebook, now he owns different niche websites for several Amazon products and he says that he makes more money than he ever did before.

He is not ashamed to admit that he used to have a sexual affair with one of his aunts (his mother’s brother’s wife) when he was in his early and mid-20s. She was in her early 40s back then and they lived in the same neighborhood. They would fuck all the time at each other’s house when his uncle (her husband) was away on a business trip, which happened quite frequently. He is 45 now and she is 65, they still feel nostalgia each time they see each other on the social media or in reality. They both say that nothing makes them feel so much alive as seeing each other does. The funniest thing is that his maternal uncle till date has no idea about it all, although it is quite obvious to many other members of the family.

He says that he is more than excited since he read in a newspaper that there will be more Bengali women in Canada than Punjabi women. He claims to have enjoyed over 12 sex trips to India till date and he claims that the Punjabi escorts that he enjoyed in Chandigarh, India, can’t hold a candle to the Bengali outcall escorts in Delhi that he still cannot forget about.

He says that his worst experience in India as a sex tourist was with the Gujjar, Rajput and Jatt women from Rajasthan, who hated to fuck and were unbelievably rude.

The Cactus Jack of WCW deserves a post here on Kaktus Tube Sex and here is why

Though diverse in color, most pussies smell the same when freshly washed, which proves that most women are the same when brought up in a similar environment and that’s the reason why those Foreign escorts in New Delhi are all well-behaved, elegant and friendly.

Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am! is an outdated phenomenon, nowadays, most men prefer to call their women bitches and the women also love it, just like the rapper Drake mentioned in one of his music videos. So, the latest slogan should be “Suck my dick, thank you bitch”. At least me and my friends believe the same.

There is this friend of mine whose mother is a lawyer and father is a comedian. She was too dumb to pass her law school and too dull and uncharismatic for a comedian. But she had a pretty face, awesome body and a great passion for sex. She ended up becoming a cam model, escort and a pornstar and she has been loving each and every moment of it. She says that she feels very lucky to have been born dumb, uncharismatic and lacking a sense of humor, otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this life that she has been living.

The madame of the escort agency that she works for is a retired escort who claims that she had been booked several times by the pro-wrestler – Mankind of WWE who was also known as ‘The Cactus Jack’ in the WCW. She told her that the reason why they called ‘The Cactus Jack’ so was because he never shaves his genitals and it hurts like a cactus thorn in the pussy or ass.

Donald Trump is as phony a patriot as the Islam is as a Peace of Religion

I really miss the days when the trailers on the PinkWorld used to be the greatest sensations in the world of free porn and there was no such thing as a tube porn website.

I recently came across this gentleman who told me that eating mango increases estrogen in men but doesn’t do the same for the women.

He also told me that Muhammad told his followers to fuck 5 times a day, not pray 5 times a day.

He told me that he is very regular to the Incall Escort Services of New Delhi and the ones that offer their clients regular discounts are a lot more profitable than the ones that don’t.

The gentleman also believes that the institution of marriage is always going to persist, but 80% of the marriages across the globe would be open ones by the financial year 2070. He sounded so smart saying this that I have already told my children to train their children (my grandsons and granddaughters) in accordance with their future of getting married openly.

He believes that you are a fake patriot if you don’t marry the man/woman born in your own country, no matter what race or color they belong to. He then went on to say that there is no doubt in his mind that Donald Trump is a fake patriot, given the fact that out of 3 times that he got married, twice it was with the women born to the countries outside the USA, and hence, Donald Trump is a phony patriot.

Calgary girl settled down in New Delhi, India to keep performing on live sex cam chats and work as an escort simultaneously

There is this old couple from Calgary, Canada, that was too proud that their daughter values her time so much that she wasn’t active on any of the social media websites. They had no idea that she was one of the most popular models on one of the topmost live sex cam chat websites. They discovered this whence the dad once logged in to that same website where his daughter used to perform live sex chat.

The hypocrite dad first jerked off to the sexy dance of his own daughter for almost an hour and then pretended that he discovered her there only a minute ago. He also pretended to be more angry than he was really angry. It cannot be said with certainty that whether he was really angry at all.

The daughter’s sixth sense told her that it was her dad whom she was chatting with for the past one hour and to take revenge on her dad and mother, she has since settled down in the Indian capital – New Delhi and has been working as a high class escort in Delhi. She is still a part-time live sex cam chat model as well.

Now the daughter of this couple, who has been working as an escort in New Delhi, India, claims that the festival of Raksha Bandhan has its roots in the prehistoric and ancient Indian men fucking their own sisters, both elder and younger, all the time. And only after learning that the inbred babies are unhealthy, which happened somewhere when the Aryans took over, did the Indians changed the festival of Raksha Bandhan thoroughly. She claims that’s the reason why the Indians belonging to the current day Pakistan placed so much emphasis on not marrying within the same community, gothra, or caste.

She also has done a lot of research on the Indian festival of Bhaiya Dooj. She claims that this festival came into existence after the Prehistoric Indians in the modern day Sindh/Tehran region and the Ancient Indians in the rest of the modern day India, Bangladesh and Nepal decided to create a festival which would remind the brothers of India that they ought not fuck their own sisters.

Weather Conditions have no affect on the sexuality, a man is as horny in London as he is in New Delhi

There is this friend of mine who owns one Italian, one Turkish and one Multicuisine restaurant. He believes that the tick-tock of a watch/clock is soon going to be replaced with dick-cock. He believes that first such watches/clocks will be manufactured in places like Bangkok, Amsterdam, Nevada, and ultimately, they will become popular worldwide.

To this friend of mine, like myself, learning more about sexuality is always an exciting and stimulating experience. He believes that we both are not alone, it is the same for the people belonging to any gender or sexual orientation and people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

He believes that we would have been living 8 billion millennial ago if there were no prostitutes. He claims that even apes have been able to attain the level they have attained just because they believe in prostitution, from the Bonobos to the Gorillas.

He claims that the weather conditions have no affect on the sexuality of the human beings or apes. He adds that although the sexuality of the other animals is completely dependent on the weather conditions for the most of the part, all the so-called experts and religions who claim that the weather has an affect on the sexuality of the human beings are just projecting their own foolish ideas on others, which has nothing to do with the reality.

He says that he is as much horny in New Delhi as in London and he feels like availing a Nuru Massage in New Delhi as much as he does while he does in the cold London.

White Supremacist looks for nothing but White escorts, no matter which part of the world he is in

One of my very good friends is a hardcore White Supremacist who claims that the reason why the Whites are superior to other races is the fact that they fucked around all the time in the prehistoric era in order to keep warm in the cruel winters of the Europe. In addition to that, they also believed in keeping their family size small and that’s the reason why they were the ones to come up with new techniques of sex like BJs, anal, footjob, rimjob, tugjob, etc.

He says that now in the times and era of globalization, what keeps the Whites superior to other races nonetheless is the fact that they still fuck around more than any other race on the earth and they also still believe in keeping the population low but quality. He says that’s the reason why he only books White escorts in Mumbai, or wherever he is, irrespective of whether they have luscious Indians, Hispanic or Black women.

He strongly believes that it is a false notion that the Blacks or the Hispanics fuck more than their White counterparts and he has been doing his utmost to change that notion.

He has always believed that the better a woman scores in the IQ test and the school, the better she is in the bed, which only proves that the sexuality makes a person more intelligent.

He claims that the Corpus Christi, Texas, used to be the sex and prostitution hub of the Native Americans in the prehistoric era, which is nowhere mentioned in any book or some similar thing, but one can experience the same in the air of that area.

Dentist from St Petersburg enjoys Nuru Massage across the globe in disguise of research

Dr Eugene Mikhnevich is a Dentist from St Petersburg, Russia, who also happens to be a Toxicology enthusiast. He writes on his official blog that he has been trying to find out which poison did the Vishkanyas of India used to take. He claims that he has been trying to find out the same for the past 7 years but he hasn’t come across a reliable source yet that can give him the true answer. Leave apart India, he traveled all the way to Vancouver once because someone told him that an old Sikh religious man there could give him answer to the same, but by the time Dr Eugene Mikhnevich reached there, he discovered that the old Sikh man was no more.

While Dr Eugene Mikhnevich was in India, he enjoyed a lot of sex. Out of which, he loved the Nuru Massage Delhi the most.

Dr Eugene Mikhnevich and his wife very actively participate in swinger sex. After enjoying the circumcised dicks of White and Black men both, his wife started complimenting the circumcised cocks a lot, which forced Dr Eugene to get circumcised himself, only to hear from his wife that dick felt much better intact. He now regrets the decision of getting circumcised as since he got circumcised, he stays aroused all the time because his circumcised shaft rubs against his silk underwears all the time now.

Swinger sex has made Dr Eugene come to believe that it you won’t believe in the notion that it takes two to tango once you enjoy 2 or more ladies at a time.

Dr Eugene claims that those slum girls appreciate a big cock more than their rich counterparts ever would.