Dentist from St Petersburg enjoys Nuru Massage across the globe in disguise of research

Dr Eugene Mikhnevich is a Dentist from St Petersburg, Russia, who also happens to be a Toxicology enthusiast. He writes on his official blog that he has been trying to find out which poison did the Vishkanyas of India used to take. He claims that he has been trying to find out the same for the past 7 years but he hasn’t come across a reliable source yet that can give him the true answer. Leave apart India, he traveled all the way to Vancouver once because someone told him that an old Sikh religious man there could give him answer to the same, but by the time Dr Eugene Mikhnevich reached there, he discovered that the old Sikh man was no more.

While Dr Eugene Mikhnevich was in India, he enjoyed a lot of sex. Out of which, he loved the Nuru Massage Delhi the most.

Dr Eugene Mikhnevich and his wife very actively participate in swinger sex. After enjoying the circumcised dicks of White and Black men both, his wife started complimenting the circumcised cocks a lot, which forced Dr Eugene to get circumcised himself, only to hear from his wife that dick felt much better intact. He now regrets the decision of getting circumcised as since he got circumcised, he stays aroused all the time because his circumcised shaft rubs against his silk underwears all the time now.

Swinger sex has made Dr Eugene come to believe that it you won’t believe in the notion that it takes two to tango once you enjoy 2 or more ladies at a time.

Dr Eugene claims that those slum girls appreciate a big cock more than their rich counterparts ever would.

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