Donald Trump is as phony a patriot as the Islam is as a Peace of Religion

I really miss the days when the trailers on the PinkWorld used to be the greatest sensations in the world of free porn and there was no such thing as a tube porn website.

I recently came across this gentleman who told me that eating mango increases estrogen in men but doesn’t do the same for the women.

He also told me that Muhammad told his followers to fuck 5 times a day, not pray 5 times a day.

He told me that he is very regular to the Incall Escort Services of New Delhi and the ones that offer their clients regular discounts are a lot more profitable than the ones that don’t.

The gentleman also believes that the institution of marriage is always going to persist, but 80% of the marriages across the globe would be open ones by the financial year 2070. He sounded so smart saying this that I have already told my children to train their children (my grandsons and granddaughters) in accordance with their future of getting married openly.

He believes that you are a fake patriot if you don’t marry the man/woman born in your own country, no matter what race or color they belong to. He then went on to say that there is no doubt in his mind that Donald Trump is a fake patriot, given the fact that out of 3 times that he got married, twice it was with the women born to the countries outside the USA, and hence, Donald Trump is a phony patriot.

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