The Cactus Jack of WCW deserves a post here on Kaktus Tube Sex and here is why

Though diverse in color, most pussies smell the same when freshly washed, which proves that most women are the same when brought up in a similar environment and that’s the reason why those Foreign escorts in New Delhi are all well-behaved, elegant and friendly.

Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am! is an outdated phenomenon, nowadays, most men prefer to call their women bitches and the women also love it, just like the rapper Drake mentioned in one of his music videos. So, the latest slogan should be “Suck my dick, thank you bitch”. At least me and my friends believe the same.

There is this friend of mine whose mother is a lawyer and father is a comedian. She was too dumb to pass her law school and too dull and uncharismatic for a comedian. But she had a pretty face, awesome body and a great passion for sex. She ended up becoming a cam model, escort and a pornstar and she has been loving each and every moment of it. She says that she feels very lucky to have been born dumb, uncharismatic and lacking a sense of humor, otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this life that she has been living.

The madame of the escort agency that she works for is a retired escort who claims that she had been booked several times by the pro-wrestler – Mankind of WWE who was also known as ‘The Cactus Jack’ in the WCW. She told her that the reason why they called ‘The Cactus Jack’ so was because he never shaves his genitals and it hurts like a cactus thorn in the pussy or ass.

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