White Supremacist looks for nothing but White escorts, no matter which part of the world he is in

One of my very good friends is a hardcore White Supremacist who claims that the reason why the Whites are superior to other races is the fact that they fucked around all the time in the prehistoric era in order to keep warm in the cruel winters of the Europe. In addition to that, they also believed in keeping their family size small and that’s the reason why they were the ones to come up with new techniques of sex like BJs, anal, footjob, rimjob, tugjob, etc.

He says that now in the times and era of globalization, what keeps the Whites superior to other races nonetheless is the fact that they still fuck around more than any other race on the earth and they also still believe in keeping the population low but quality. He says that’s the reason why he only books White escorts in Mumbai, or wherever he is, irrespective of whether they have luscious Indians, Hispanic or Black women.

He strongly believes that it is a false notion that the Blacks or the Hispanics fuck more than their White counterparts and he has been doing his utmost to change that notion.

He has always believed that the better a woman scores in the IQ test and the school, the better she is in the bed, which only proves that the sexuality makes a person more intelligent.

He claims that the Corpus Christi, Texas, used to be the sex and prostitution hub of the Native Americans in the prehistoric era, which is nowhere mentioned in any book or some similar thing, but one can experience the same in the air of that area.

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