Bisexual dude prefers jerking off to the Thai porn clips on the odd days and get fucked in the ass during the even days

Jirawat Wangmuangngaeo from Siam, Thailand, owns a citywide courier company that guarantees delivery within 6 hours.

Jirawat has always been confused about his sexual orientation. He generally identifies himself as bisexual. He says that he enjoys sex a lot more with the men but he enjoys watching straight porn clips (คลิปโป๊) more.

Jirawat has a LED sign in his bedroom which reads “God Bless the Big Cock Gays.” Unlike many Thai men in their 20s, Jirawat doesn’t live with his parents and he enjoys the liberty that the same provides to its fullest.

Jirawat says that to maintain the balance for his sexual orientation, he fucks on the odd days and gets fucked on the even days. He says that not only it keeps it sane but also increases his serotonin and dopamine levels.

Jirawat also provided gigolo services for a short while in 2017. He recently bought a limo with the money he made during that time. He also has a chauffeur, who drives him to the client’s location.

Jirawat believes that there will be over 10, 000 gay themed restaurants for the gay families in Thailand and Vietnam combined by 2028 and he says that he is too excited about the same.

One of the good friends of Jirawat claims to have hired the black pornstar – Mandingo as escort. Jirawat has had several sex sessions with this friend of his, he claims that the dude needs at least 30 minutes of sexual stimulation each time to get hard.

Jirawat has been writing a book with the title “Gay Kamasutra”. He believes that it will be greater than the Vatsyayana Kamasutra and he approves that nobody is going to believe this until it is done.

Hentai Dojin freak hates to fuck his wife in the car

Vincent Kissinger is a Youtuber who recently turned into a mechanic inspired by his favorite Youtuber – Scotty Kilmer.

Vincent is also one of the most prolific members of an infamous Dojin (โดจิน) community, where he recently wrote that he hates those car-fucking videos.

He also once wrote that everyone expects so much of a pornstar escort, especially when they are one of your favorites but the expectations seldom come true. He gives example of his own, when he ordered Alanah Rae while he was in New Jersey, USA, he met nothing but disappointment. He writes “It was nothing like Alanah Rae’s Tonight Girlfriend Movie.”

Vincent knows several gay guys and highly sexual women. He claims that drinking semen may reduce the depression in the women or boost their mood and/or libidos, but it doesn’t do the same for the gays.

Vincent once made a post on the Dojin Community stating that he wanted to put an ad for his semen for protein, but was afraid of the authorities and didn’t go ahead.

Vincent claims that he doesn’t feel horny when the weather is beautiful, but rather losses his libido during those times which causes him depression as it is the opposite for his woman. She has to use her electric vibrator to take care of her horniness during those horny great weather days.

Vincent’s wife enjoys sucking balls more than any other sexual activity. Vincent loves her for that.