Creative Writing Increases a Japanese Woman’s Interest in Oral and Vaginal Sex

Ion Stan from Rochester, Minnessota, is a sex blogger, whose blog reads as soon as you enter it “Don’t waste your precious time gossiping about sex, just read this blog and similar ones, and save your time.”

I do agree with this statement of his and many other claims that he makes.

For example, I agree with this claim of his that the women in both the western and eastern world, don’t procrastinate on losing their virginity and turn into real women.

Ion is in an open marriage and it is so delightful seeing them both help and encourage each other to find new sex partners.

Ion’s wife is an Asian and while giving Ion a good old Japanese Blowjob, she gets so creative that new ideas can’t stop coming to her mind. She wants to tell them so badly at that moment but due to her inability to speak while sucking Ion’s huge rod, she recently started keeping a paper pad and a pen with her while giving him a blowjob and she writes on the paper whatever comes to her mind during that moment. She says doing both the acts together really doubles the fun.

Ion brags that he fucks her for hours every night until she gets sore and each morning after waning up, she says to him “Gosh, that was a phenomenal fuck.”

Ion believes that no aphrodisiac is better than an expensive aged champagne.

Most women don’t show much interest in sex since they start creative writing but the case with Ion’s wife is different. She loves to fuck and suck a dick more than ever before.