Thai Politician Wife Keeps a Jar Full of Her Hubby’s Semen With Her All The Time

Chaiya Sensit from Pattaya City, Thailand, is a sex blogger and a construction engineer, whose wife is overly obsessed with Michelangelo. He always has to have the same haircut, beard and moustache as Michelangelo to look attractive enough to his wife.

Chaiya’s wife is a politician who drinks Chaiya’s semen just like those Asian Teen Pornstars do, each time before she needs to give a speech. She says each speech given without her drinking semen before turns out to be a big flop.

Chaiya claims to have taken over 200 different women belonging to many different races on a cruise.

After doing an extensive study for decades, Chaiya claims to have come to the conclusion that a woman’s religion plays as much of a role in her sex drive as her race does.

Chaiya has always believed and he still stands on that how much you explode depends more on the warmth of the pussy than how long you have been retaining your semen for.

Chaiya writes on his blog that the apple in the Adam and Eve story doesn’t refer to the breasts of the Eve or even the buttocks, but those apples refer to the most sexually attractive body part other than the breasts and the buttocks of a woman that the Yahweh designed specifically for the women. He claims it was far in superiority when it comes to the sexual attraction than the breasts and buttocks combined but Yahweh took it away from the Eve for the sin she committed.