More Multinationals Than Ever Before Interested In The Sex Cam Biz Since The Success Of The Stripchat

Hale Burk is an Account Collector and Sex Blogger from Clinton, Michigan, who believes bombs as powerful or even more destructive could be created using a woman’s squirt, given the woman is between 20-35 years old. He also believes that bombs compared to the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II can be created using a young woman’s arousal fluid.

Hale recently travelled to the Norway and he was surprised to learn that Norway doesn’t fear becoming another Sweden; At least none of the people that he met there.

Hale defies the popular notion that swallowing semen makes a woman’s pitch more manly. He claims to have scientific evidence to back this up which he is yet to disclose publicly.

Hale has an idea to sell ‘Semen Jam’ to women, gay men, lesbians and even straight men, who believe that eating semen has health benefits like no other including immortality and eternal youth.

Hale claims Yom Kippur is a rip-off of the Hindu Navratris. He believes 50% of the men and women who have studied both the religions thoroughly have come to the same conclusion time and again but the mainstream media tries to hide it from the general public.

Hale recently saw a Kamala Harris lookalike on Stripchat whom he had the pleasure to talk to. He says she is the busiest model on Stripchat since the Presidential Debates begun. If you don’t know already about her, Welcome to Porncams Stripchat.

Hale loves to debate the religious people on Discord Chatrooms, Reddit and other social media platforms including his own blog. Once while arguing with Muslims about the side-effects of inbreeding and why if the Islam is scientific it is not haram in Islam, when a random Muslim mentioned to him “The Shari’s permits first-cousin marriage because the absolute risk of harm to the child remains low.” Hale replied “There can be several types of harms involved in the picture. But inbreeding does not guarantee no harm or lesser harm to the child. Such petty harms even if they exist in a marriage that took place between two adults who weren’t blood related are no match to the bad health and genes a person will have for being an inbred. Inbreeding is scientifically proven to be extremely harmful to the child’s health. Each and every civilized tribe/culture knew about the side-effects of inbreeding except the ones in the Middle=East, whether they be Bene Israel or the Arabs.”