6’1 Tall Dusky Stunning Tantric Sex Expert Can Be Seen Fucking On Tik Tok

More adulterous sex is done in vans than in cheap motels.

Finlay Lawrence

Finlay Lawrence is an Air Traffic Controller and Sex Blogger from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, who used to spend 2 hours playing video games each day, but recently replaced those 2 hours with playing video games with sexual exercises of all sorts including tantric, yoga and kegels.

You don’t know how many women live in the fear of painful sex unless you have had sex with multiple Asian virgins.

Finlay Lawrence

Finlay once dated a 6’1″ tall dusky 31 year old stunner Sikh woman, who wanted to convert to Islam because she loved everything about Islam except for its Polygamous laws and that was the only thing that stopped her from converting to Islam.

Finlay claims Asmodeus is not a myth but a reality. He writes Asmodeus came in one of his dreams back in June of 2017 and told him that the village girls of the 1990s in the Eastern Europe were the hottest this planet has ever seen in billions of years. He claims that Asmodeus also told him that Yahweh has ordered him to not turn people, especially women into such freaks anymore. Asmodeus is only allowed to cast spells on the Tik Tok Porn models since Yahweh’s order, Finlay claims.

Sooner or later, she is going to discover the real size of your dick, so it is an utter stupidity to brag about it to her.

Finlay Lawrence

Finlay claims to know an Indian scientist from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) very well. He told him that the Late Indian Legendary President – APJ Abdul Kalam used to suffer with an erectile dysfunction always and his low testosterone is quite evident from his high-pitched voice which can easily be heard on his interviews. The reason why APJ Abdul Kalam decided to become a scientist was to find an eternal cure for the impotence and erectile dysfunction, but after trying too hard for about 2 decades, he faced an utter disappointment and decided to enter the field of rocket science and he was quite successful at it.

Sex Toy Business Is Being Greatly Affected By The Growing Swinging Culture On Live Sex Cams

I have a friend who owns a 3D Sex Toys Printing Business. This friend of mine is really disappointed with the laziness of the modern so-called high class escort agencies. He believes that these escort agencies owe their survival to the increasing divorce rates. He provides the divorce rates and the increasing number of internet-based high class escort agencies in Portugal as the proof of his statement.

I do agree with him on all the points that he makes regarding the increasing divorce rates and its positive relationship with the business of escort agencies. Happily married couples are either busy having sex among themselves or swinging just like you would see in live hot cams.

One thing that I like about the high class female escorts of this era is that they are willing to try different positions they never enjoyed before, which used not to be the case earlier on, at least not with the majority of the escorts, they wouldn’t try a new position with you they didn’t enjoy ever before, if you weren’t one of their regular clients or one of the best friends, cousins, or brothers of their regular clients.

This friend of mine makes his wife wear all the jewellery she owns, fucks her doggystyle and then enjoys the sight of her screaming and moaning while her boobs and jewellery are all trembling at the same time. He once sent me a video of that scenario through the Whatsapp and requested me to delete it as soon as I saw it once, the video was too hot to just watch once, I watched the video uncountable times and stroked my dick until I came. Then I deleted the video and repented to Jesus Christ regarding this sin the next day in the Church. Jesus came in my dream that very night and told me that he himself jerks off to such scenarios all the time in heaven and it is nothing to bother about.

Better Read The Evaluation Of BangBros Than Reading Your Torah/Bible/Talmud/Upanishads

I lived in India for 3 years and while I was there, I learnt the so-called ‘First language ever on the face of Earth – Sanskrit’ and while learning it, I observed that Sanskrit is completely sex and sexuality centered. They use the word ‘Kama’ for sex and sexuality in Sanskrit and it is used everywhere. The Indian mythology is also obsessed with the sex and sexuality, a lot more than the Jewish mythology is.

Since I learnt how filthy the so-called ancient and prehistoric holy people were, I have stopped feeling guilty while having live sex cam chat with those blonde bimbos and yesterday, I also wrote a 2000 word long evaluation of BangBros Free Porn Videos, which I believe will help tons of other horny and filthy bastards like myself.

A couple of hours ago, I felt like going back to the early 1990s and I chose to listen to one of my favorite English band – Duran Duran’s song – Ordinary World to feel like I am in the early 1990s again. After listening to the song for a couple of times, I felt like writing a sex parody for the song, which I did and I share the same with you here:-

Came thrice on the rainy Thursday

In the bathroom

Thought you heard my screams when I ejaculated.

I turned on the lights, the TV

And the radio

Still it was too loud to escape the ears of you.

What has happened to burnol?

It doesn’t fix my dick

Where is my dick that I recognize?

Gone away.

But I won’t cry while I am rubbing

Rubbing is just too much of fun

I jerk-off whenever I see a 9

And as I successfully made my way

To my mother’s egg

I will learn to survive.

Pornography or Live Sex Cam Chat

Once prompted you to think

“A Big Black Cock will tear both your slimeholes”

Well now your virginity’s gone out the runwa

Suck my huge cock

Finger your pussy in the day

Let me in the vacuum of your arse.

What is happening to me?

Horny, some would say

Where is my fucktoy when I need her the most?

Gone for a surgery.

Papers in the roadside

Tell of fuckery within families

Fuck today, take a wank tomorrow

Ooh, here besides the news of Sinaga and Josef Fritzl

I look like St Thomas or Paul.

‘Rubbing is too much fun’ by KaktusNipples

Perfect Looking Danish Escorts For Lipstick Blowjobs Roleplaying As Your Private Nurse

I believe that having nothing but naked nurses in the hospital will help the patients get better faster, but I know that the crook politicians won’t let it happen. Imagine a tattoo goth girl roaming around everywhere in a hospital, wearing nothing at all giving blowjob to every patient with a big dick. This would also help identify the nurses better in the hospital, both to the patients and doctors. Doctors would be able to identify the nurses by their tattoos, boobs, butt, nipples, etc.

There’s no barometer that can measure the attraction between a straight man and a woman or even between the people belonging to the LGBT community. And I would be more than glad if they are able to create one in the near future. Men and women would be seriously roaming around carrying that barometer to find a perfect soulmate, to know their self-worth, or just to have a good time.

I recently wrote this parody for the song produced in 1986 – “Is this love” by Whitesnake and I would love to share it with you all, it goes like:-

I should have done you better

Than to fuck you in the missionary position alone

It’s cumshots like these

I feel like better than doing it on my own all alone

Wasted condoms and your pussy still tight

And I can’t wait to fuck you in the same position again.

I find my dick still erect

Waiting for your warm mouth

How can I jerk-off, babe

My dick is inside my fleshlight

I need your pussy tight

To make it white

‘Cause I don’t think I am gonna use a condom today.

Is this friction that I am feeling

Is this the hole that I’ve been searching for

Is this real or am I having a wet dream

This must be real

‘Cause your pussy is smelling like a fish

A stinking fish to me.

I can’t stop cumming

I have never came so much before

I think I have found the key to cum this much

Inside any hole of yours

I can feel my dick erect

Growing stronger day by day

And I can’t wait to fuck you in the same position again.

Is this the hole by FapKing

I really hope that you liked the song and some of you might even consider singing the same. I am writing one more sex parody song right now and will share it with you as well.

Psychiatry Professor Will Only Leave A Positive Review On Your RoyalCams Profile If You Tell Him That He Has The Stiffest Cock Ever

My assessment of the modern western women is that they are mostly all self-serving greedy narcissistic gossips. I have lived in denial for so long thinking I was the problem, and granted I had a lot of problems, but the more I worked on myself and still the same behaviour, I feel like I can’t keep blaming myself, there is fundamentally something wrong with the current condition of the females and that something according to me is radical feminism.

Burhan Cox

Burhan Cox from Berkeley, California, is a Sex Blogger and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at a popular college, who can never stop bragging about his “exceptional sexual prowess”. He writes each and every woman (including hookers), that he ever fucked would ask him if he took some pills that kept him stiff as a rock for hours at a time. He claims that those ladies at the royalcams whom he goes private with all the time also can never stop asking him the same question, even though he is older now. He says that even one of the most popular royalcams models – MurRrrrrka asked him the same and in exchange he left her a positive royalcams review.

Burhan doesn’t agree with those who say that the porn is too rough compared to the real life sex. He responds to them that many men and women prefer their sex rougher compared to most real life couples as the pornstars have a higher sex drive and sexual hormonal levels in their blood compared to an average 9-5 person.

Burhan writes that he once dated this young Punjabi BBW, who was second generation in the USA. He once went to her home uninvited and without any prior notice, the house door was open and he discovered her having a threesome with her male cat and her Maltese Moonface dog. Her male cat was licking her lips, her dog was licking her boobs while she was rubbing her clit watching bestiality porn featuring a woman’s sex with a horse. She was so blatant that she didn’t even bother to stop the act, apologize or anything else after discovering that her boyfriend caught her in that shameless act, but rather she blew him a kiss and gave him that evil and revengeful smile before he left.

More Multinationals Than Ever Before Interested In The Sex Cam Biz Since The Success Of The Stripchat

Hale Burk is an Account Collector and Sex Blogger from Clinton, Michigan, who believes bombs as powerful or even more destructive could be created using a woman’s squirt, given the woman is between 20-35 years old. He also believes that bombs compared to the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II can be created using a young woman’s arousal fluid.

Hale recently travelled to the Norway and he was surprised to learn that Norway doesn’t fear becoming another Sweden; At least none of the people that he met there.

Hale defies the popular notion that swallowing semen makes a woman’s pitch more manly. He claims to have scientific evidence to back this up which he is yet to disclose publicly.

Hale has an idea to sell ‘Semen Jam’ to women, gay men, lesbians and even straight men, who believe that eating semen has health benefits like no other including immortality and eternal youth.

Hale claims Yom Kippur is a rip-off of the Hindu Navratris. He believes 50% of the men and women who have studied both the religions thoroughly have come to the same conclusion time and again but the mainstream media tries to hide it from the general public.

Hale recently saw a Kamala Harris lookalike on Stripchat whom he had the pleasure to talk to. He says she is the busiest model on Stripchat since the Presidential Debates begun. If you don’t know already about her, Welcome to Porncams Stripchat.

Hale loves to debate the religious people on Discord Chatrooms, Reddit and other social media platforms including his own blog. Once while arguing with Muslims about the side-effects of inbreeding and why if the Islam is scientific it is not haram in Islam, when a random Muslim mentioned to him “The Shari’s permits first-cousin marriage because the absolute risk of harm to the child remains low.” Hale replied “There can be several types of harms involved in the picture. But inbreeding does not guarantee no harm or lesser harm to the child. Such petty harms even if they exist in a marriage that took place between two adults who weren’t blood related are no match to the bad health and genes a person will have for being an inbred. Inbreeding is scientifically proven to be extremely harmful to the child’s health. Each and every civilized tribe/culture knew about the side-effects of inbreeding except the ones in the Middle=East, whether they be Bene Israel or the Arabs.”

Ohio Entrepreneur wants his Big Butt Hispanic Wife to Work in a VR Porn Movie

Rene Hawas from Wood, Ohio, says those who make fun of horse-faced women clearly never had sex with any of them ever. He claims they are the sluttiest bitches who just can’t get enough D and it can be seen in any of the Virtual Reality Porn Videos featuring a horse-faced chick.

Rene writes he cannot figure out why the female anchors of the state-owned media, globally, are hotter than the female anchors of the privately owned media. He says he regularly jerks off to the deepfake videos featuring such anchors.

Rene writes the women who trim or wax the hair on their necks regularly are borderline stupid. He says these women clearly don’t know how sexy it is to suck and kiss a woman’s neck and hair simultaneously. He frustratingly adds that the men of these women are legit retards who don’t know anything about how to make making love special.

Rene has a 13 inch long cock. He says he is tired of apologising to women for causing internal bleeding to them. He says that’s the main reason why he always keeps a lubricant with himself all the time so that he can jerk off rather than fuck whenever he feels horny.

Rene is married to a big booty Hispanic woman who doesn’t find it hard at all to take all of Rene’s dong inside her vagina but she never took it inside her butthole and according to Rene, never willing to.

Rene is a wealthy man. He has a huge bungalow with a very large veranda in it. He loves to see his wife run with her big butt run in the veranda butt naked. He says he gets a hard on seeing that sight the same way he did when he married her 9 years ago.

Thai Politician Wife Keeps a Jar Full of Her Hubby’s Semen With Her All The Time

Chaiya Sensit from Pattaya City, Thailand, is a sex blogger and a construction engineer, whose wife is overly obsessed with Michelangelo. He always has to have the same haircut, beard and moustache as Michelangelo to look attractive enough to his wife.

Chaiya’s wife is a politician who drinks Chaiya’s semen just like those Asian Teen Pornstars do, each time before she needs to give a speech. She says each speech given without her drinking semen before turns out to be a big flop.

Chaiya claims to have taken over 200 different women belonging to many different races on a cruise.

After doing an extensive study for decades, Chaiya claims to have come to the conclusion that a woman’s religion plays as much of a role in her sex drive as her race does.

Chaiya has always believed and he still stands on that how much you explode depends more on the warmth of the pussy than how long you have been retaining your semen for.

Chaiya writes on his blog that the apple in the Adam and Eve story doesn’t refer to the breasts of the Eve or even the buttocks, but those apples refer to the most sexually attractive body part other than the breasts and the buttocks of a woman that the Yahweh designed specifically for the women. He claims it was far in superiority when it comes to the sexual attraction than the breasts and buttocks combined but Yahweh took it away from the Eve for the sin she committed.

Creative Writing Increases a Japanese Woman’s Interest in Oral and Vaginal Sex

Ion Stan from Rochester, Minnessota, is a sex blogger, whose blog reads as soon as you enter it “Don’t waste your precious time gossiping about sex, just read this blog and similar ones, and save your time.”

I do agree with this statement of his and many other claims that he makes.

For example, I agree with this claim of his that the women in both the western and eastern world, don’t procrastinate on losing their virginity and turn into real women.

Ion is in an open marriage and it is so delightful seeing them both help and encourage each other to find new sex partners.

Ion’s wife is an Asian and while giving Ion a good old Japanese Blowjob, she gets so creative that new ideas can’t stop coming to her mind. She wants to tell them so badly at that moment but due to her inability to speak while sucking Ion’s huge rod, she recently started keeping a paper pad and a pen with her while giving him a blowjob and she writes on the paper whatever comes to her mind during that moment. She says doing both the acts together really doubles the fun.

Ion brags that he fucks her for hours every night until she gets sore and each morning after waning up, she says to him “Gosh, that was a phenomenal fuck.”

Ion believes that no aphrodisiac is better than an expensive aged champagne.

Most women don’t show much interest in sex since they start creative writing but the case with Ion’s wife is different. She loves to fuck and suck a dick more than ever before.

Bisexual dude prefers jerking off to the Thai porn clips on the odd days and get fucked in the ass during the even days

Jirawat Wangmuangngaeo from Siam, Thailand, owns a citywide courier company that guarantees delivery within 6 hours.

Jirawat has always been confused about his sexual orientation. He generally identifies himself as bisexual. He says that he enjoys sex a lot more with the men but he enjoys watching straight porn clips (คลิปโป๊) more.

Jirawat has a LED sign in his bedroom which reads “God Bless the Big Cock Gays.” Unlike many Thai men in their 20s, Jirawat doesn’t live with his parents and he enjoys the liberty that the same provides to its fullest.

Jirawat says that to maintain the balance for his sexual orientation, he fucks on the odd days and gets fucked on the even days. He says that not only it keeps it sane but also increases his serotonin and dopamine levels.

Jirawat also provided gigolo services for a short while in 2017. He recently bought a limo with the money he made during that time. He also has a chauffeur, who drives him to the client’s location.

Jirawat believes that there will be over 10, 000 gay themed restaurants for the gay families in Thailand and Vietnam combined by 2028 and he says that he is too excited about the same.

One of the good friends of Jirawat claims to have hired the black pornstar – Mandingo as escort. Jirawat has had several sex sessions with this friend of his, he claims that the dude needs at least 30 minutes of sexual stimulation each time to get hard.

Jirawat has been writing a book with the title “Gay Kamasutra”. He believes that it will be greater than the Vatsyayana Kamasutra and he approves that nobody is going to believe this until it is done.

Hentai Dojin freak hates to fuck his wife in the car

Vincent Kissinger is a Youtuber who recently turned into a mechanic inspired by his favorite Youtuber – Scotty Kilmer.

Vincent is also one of the most prolific members of an infamous Dojin (โดจิน) community, where he recently wrote that he hates those car-fucking videos.

He also once wrote that everyone expects so much of a pornstar escort, especially when they are one of your favorites but the expectations seldom come true. He gives example of his own, when he ordered Alanah Rae while he was in New Jersey, USA, he met nothing but disappointment. He writes “It was nothing like Alanah Rae’s Tonight Girlfriend Movie.”

Vincent knows several gay guys and highly sexual women. He claims that drinking semen may reduce the depression in the women or boost their mood and/or libidos, but it doesn’t do the same for the gays.

Vincent once made a post on the Dojin Community stating that he wanted to put an ad for his semen for protein, but was afraid of the authorities and didn’t go ahead.

Vincent claims that he doesn’t feel horny when the weather is beautiful, but rather losses his libido during those times which causes him depression as it is the opposite for his woman. She has to use her electric vibrator to take care of her horniness during those horny great weather days.

Vincent’s wife enjoys sucking balls more than any other sexual activity. Vincent loves her for that.

Will the expansion of tantra schools destroy the escort industry across the globe?

I don’t know if you know this already that the female wrestlers have a far greater libido than an average woman. That’s why you will always find the female wrestlers cheating on their husbands all the time and most of them marry more than once. Take Luna Vachon of WWE and Madusa of WCW for example.

I believe that the 5G technology would increase the libido of the women and reduce that of the men. I also believe that it is going to have the same effect on the people belonging to the LGBT community. Hence, the role of the female viagra is going to decline a lot while that of the male viagra is going to increase a lot.

I have many girlfriends working at the factories and all of them have lost their libidos over time. So, if you are a highly sexual man, don’t get into a relationship with a woman who works in a factory and if you are already in a relationship with one and you love her a lot, then tell her to leave her job.

There is no denying that the tantra schools across the USA are sex schools in disguise. I believe that there will be full-fledged sex schools, which won’t have to distort anything and the first ever such school to come into existence will be opened up in Berlin, Illinois, as per my sixth sense. Hence, they won’t have to go much as sex tourists to exotic places and hire those Goa female model escorts.

I believe that the straight men and straight women cannot be friends, but they can always be great fuckbuddies.

Debate Champion Wife is a Stunning Beauty but she cannot stop arguing with her husband even when she sucks his dick and that’s what leads the husband to visit those Delhi escort girls much too often

One of my great friends married a debate champion. She cannot even stop arguing each time they have sex, including while she is sucking his dick or eating his ass. She has the fucking and sucking skills of the good old Lisa Ann though, my friend always says that if there is an All-American fucking competition ever, his wife will certainly win at least a bronze medal. He still cheats regularly on her with Delhi escort girls though.

He always says that the best view for him is when his big booty wife climbs the stairs butt naked. He adds that no pornstar, escort or stripper can replace the unique charm of his wife’s buttocks.

Another part of his wife’s body that he is extremely over-obsessed with are her knees. Yes, she definitely has beautiful ones, but it is really weird when he prefers to kiss her beautiful knees more than her luscious lips.

He learnt Hindi in order to understand the ancient and prehistoric Hindu scriptures better. He believes that the real secret and truth to kill the refractory period and tantric seex is hidden behind those prehistoric and ancient Hindu scriptures.

He believes that the Indian women wear tons of gold in order to attract the Indian men and any Indian or Non-Indian who tells you otherwise is clearly lying or misinformed or is dumb, he arrogantly says.

He also claims that the ancient Indians would melt gold, silver, bronze and would eat a bit of it mixed with their food as they believed that it increased their sex drives. To this day, the richest of the Indians (including the Ambanis) do it and the lower and the middle income Indian groups eat fake gold, silver and bronze Chyawanprash and other ancient Indian recipes.

Nudists would be allowed to teach butt naked in the Western World by 2035

Two four letter words, namely, thot and yogi, have no fixed definition. I believe it and so do million others, and those who try to put a definition on these two, even if that includes you the reader, are out of their minds.

I believe that the nudist teachers would be allowed to walk and teach butt naked in the schools by the financial year 2035 in the Western World and the rest of the world by 2065. I may sound like David Icke while making such a statement but wait till it becomes a reality.

I know several athletes and pornstars in the real life and what I have noticed is that the athletes might work their asses off in the day but they can never party as hard as an average pornstar in the night. Those pornstars really live the best lives that one can imagine. Those who retire early from this fantastic industry called the porn industry need mental and/or psychological treatment.

I have done an extensive research on India and Hinduism and what I have concluded is that the Hindus bowing their heads in the temples has its roots in their prehistoric ancestors bowing down to the living devis (20+ year old virgins), who used to be butt naked all the time. The temple visitors would sniff their pussies and would then swipe a coin around their pussies just like you would swipe a credit card in the modern day.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Indian escorts in Delhi, the capital of India, are still the best when it comes to the sexual cooperation. Nothing else comes close.

Pizza Delivery Boy turned Pizza Restaurant owner cheats on his wife regularly with escorts but still believes that his wife’s piss is a nectar

I cannot recall a single BBW pornstar from the 1970s or the 1980s, but they are definitely the hottest sensations in the current times in the porn industry, which only goes to show that both the women and the men would compromise so much on their sexual preferences owing to the social pressure, which is definitely one of the worst things that could happen to a human being.

Anyways, I would like to dedicate this post to Mr Carson Fenneman, who started out as a Pizza Delivery Boy but now owns 2 Pizza Restaurants in Downtown areas of two different major US cities. He says that his aim is to beat his hero – Tom Monoghan’s company – Domino’s, in terms of delivery time. His restaurants have already gained great reputation for delivering superfast. He says that he always wonders why so many great successes start off in a Volkswagen including his own.

Mr Carson Fenneman is not happy with the sales of the Volkswagen cars in India though. He travels to India all the time and never misses an opportunity to enjoy those model escorts in New Delhi, which are very rare, although the city has a population of over 2 billion now.

Mr Carson Fenneman’s wife used to work at a coffee shop when they met and she still works there; His growing income and wealth hasn’t affected her at all.

Mr Carson Fenneman says that he never forgets to use hand sanitizer before fingering the pussy of his beloved wife. He also loves to drink her piss mixed with Scotch whiskey. He also freezes her piss in the refrigerator many times and mixes it with Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Whiskey, Beer, you name it. He says that he is blessed to have discovered such nectar and this nectar is the reason why no disease has been able to touch him in years and why he is so financially successful and going.

Amazon Affiliate used to fuck his maternal aunt all the time now he fucks those Delhi Outcall escorts every time he visits India

There is this gentleman who started his career with providing data entry services on Fiverr. Today, he is one of the greatest Amazon affiliates of all times. He says that he wasted a lot of his time selling on the Facebook, now he owns different niche websites for several Amazon products and he says that he makes more money than he ever did before.

He is not ashamed to admit that he used to have a sexual affair with one of his aunts (his mother’s brother’s wife) when he was in his early and mid-20s. She was in her early 40s back then and they lived in the same neighborhood. They would fuck all the time at each other’s house when his uncle (her husband) was away on a business trip, which happened quite frequently. He is 45 now and she is 65, they still feel nostalgia each time they see each other on the social media or in reality. They both say that nothing makes them feel so much alive as seeing each other does. The funniest thing is that his maternal uncle till date has no idea about it all, although it is quite obvious to many other members of the family.

He says that he is more than excited since he read in a newspaper that there will be more Bengali women in Canada than Punjabi women. He claims to have enjoyed over 12 sex trips to India till date and he claims that the Punjabi escorts that he enjoyed in Chandigarh, India, can’t hold a candle to the Bengali outcall escorts in Delhi that he still cannot forget about.

He says that his worst experience in India as a sex tourist was with the Gujjar, Rajput and Jatt women from Rajasthan, who hated to fuck and were unbelievably rude.

The Cactus Jack of WCW deserves a post here on Kaktus Tube Sex and here is why

Though diverse in color, most pussies smell the same when freshly washed, which proves that most women are the same when brought up in a similar environment and that’s the reason why those Foreign escorts in New Delhi are all well-behaved, elegant and friendly.

Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am! is an outdated phenomenon, nowadays, most men prefer to call their women bitches and the women also love it, just like the rapper Drake mentioned in one of his music videos. So, the latest slogan should be “Suck my dick, thank you bitch”. At least me and my friends believe the same.

There is this friend of mine whose mother is a lawyer and father is a comedian. She was too dumb to pass her law school and too dull and uncharismatic for a comedian. But she had a pretty face, awesome body and a great passion for sex. She ended up becoming a cam model, escort and a pornstar and she has been loving each and every moment of it. She says that she feels very lucky to have been born dumb, uncharismatic and lacking a sense of humor, otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this life that she has been living.

The madame of the escort agency that she works for is a retired escort who claims that she had been booked several times by the pro-wrestler – Mankind of WWE who was also known as ‘The Cactus Jack’ in the WCW. She told her that the reason why they called ‘The Cactus Jack’ so was because he never shaves his genitals and it hurts like a cactus thorn in the pussy or ass.

Donald Trump is as phony a patriot as the Islam is as a Peace of Religion

I really miss the days when the trailers on the PinkWorld used to be the greatest sensations in the world of free porn and there was no such thing as a tube porn website.

I recently came across this gentleman who told me that eating mango increases estrogen in men but doesn’t do the same for the women.

He also told me that Muhammad told his followers to fuck 5 times a day, not pray 5 times a day.

He told me that he is very regular to the Incall Escort Services of New Delhi and the ones that offer their clients regular discounts are a lot more profitable than the ones that don’t.

The gentleman also believes that the institution of marriage is always going to persist, but 80% of the marriages across the globe would be open ones by the financial year 2070. He sounded so smart saying this that I have already told my children to train their children (my grandsons and granddaughters) in accordance with their future of getting married openly.

He believes that you are a fake patriot if you don’t marry the man/woman born in your own country, no matter what race or color they belong to. He then went on to say that there is no doubt in his mind that Donald Trump is a fake patriot, given the fact that out of 3 times that he got married, twice it was with the women born to the countries outside the USA, and hence, Donald Trump is a phony patriot.

Calgary girl settled down in New Delhi, India to keep performing on live sex cam chats and work as an escort simultaneously

There is this old couple from Calgary, Canada, that was too proud that their daughter values her time so much that she wasn’t active on any of the social media websites. They had no idea that she was one of the most popular models on one of the topmost live sex cam chat websites. They discovered this whence the dad once logged in to that same website where his daughter used to perform live sex chat.

The hypocrite dad first jerked off to the sexy dance of his own daughter for almost an hour and then pretended that he discovered her there only a minute ago. He also pretended to be more angry than he was really angry. It cannot be said with certainty that whether he was really angry at all.

The daughter’s sixth sense told her that it was her dad whom she was chatting with for the past one hour and to take revenge on her dad and mother, she has since settled down in the Indian capital – New Delhi and has been working as a high class escort in Delhi. She is still a part-time live sex cam chat model as well.

Now the daughter of this couple, who has been working as an escort in New Delhi, India, claims that the festival of Raksha Bandhan has its roots in the prehistoric and ancient Indian men fucking their own sisters, both elder and younger, all the time. And only after learning that the inbred babies are unhealthy, which happened somewhere when the Aryans took over, did the Indians changed the festival of Raksha Bandhan thoroughly. She claims that’s the reason why the Indians belonging to the current day Pakistan placed so much emphasis on not marrying within the same community, gothra, or caste.

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